Jérôme Lebel
Email : lebel.jerome@gmail.com
GitHub : jeromelebel
Software Engineer

Very good knowledge of OS X and iOS: 7 years in the Apple R&D in Paris.
Fluent: Objective-C, C, C++, HTML, CSS, PHP, MongoDB.
Good knowledge: Python, Java, Javascript, Linux/Unix Systems, Ruby, SQL.
Work Experiences
10/2008 - 09/2014
Software engineer - Fotonauts Inc
18 persons startup, a photo community website, in Paris
  • Coded the Fotopedia client for Windows and OS X in C++
  • Integrated WebCore into the Fotonauts client using our crossplatform C++ API
  • Coded on the iOS client for iPhone/iPad
  • Integrated of Dropbox, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter into the Fotopedia's iOS client (before the iOS support)
  • Created tools to integrate Pootle with our website and iOS sources
  • Coded on the website (Ruby on Rails)
  • Migration of MySQL database to MongoDB database
10/2001 - 10/2008
Software engineer - Apple Inc
R&D in Paris
  • Created iSync based on FusionOne
  • Implemented the sync engine of SyncServices
  • Made iSync plugins (motorola)
  • Created SyncServices plugin for Yahoo! sync with Yahoo! team
  • Created and Implemented a thumbnail cache database for QuickLook
07/1998 - 05/2001
Software engineer - OpenBase International Ltd
SQL Database for OS X and Linux, in New Hampshire
  • Created a tool to translate Objective-C into C, for OpenBase Server
  • Worked on OpenBase Manager
  • Created driver APIs for PHP4, MacOS 9, Carbon and Cocoa
  • Created development environment for building cross-platform applications
1993 - 1998
Software Engineering School

5 years in EFREI
Open-Source & Hobbies
Arduino, Beaglebone, Spark Core, Raspberry Pi
Juggling, Private Pilot Licence
French: Native
English: Business Level (speaking, reading, writing)
Driver Licence
Car, Motorcycle